Remote Ruby #20: Trivia Questions and Answers

On episode 20 of the Remote Ruby podcast, Chris and I play a game of trivia. These questions are composed of information from Wikipedia and beneggett/ruby-trivia. I have no doubts that some of this information could be wrong. I was a late bloomer to Ruby. 😎 I hope you enjoy(ed) the episode. According to Matz, […]

Eager Loading/Querying Against ActiveStorage Attachments

ActiveStorage, the new kid on the block. It’s exciting for Ruby on Rails developers to have a built-in solution for file uploads/attachments. Let’s talk about interacting with the table ActiveStorage gives us. There are times that we’ll want to reach for eager loading and even query against our attachments. Without much effort, it’s easy to […]

Adding Bootstrap 4 Errors to Rails Fields with Errors

The other day I was working on a new Rails application. Though I’m currently obsessed with Tailwind CSS, this project was a better fit for Bootstrap. I needed some predefined styling, quick. Unfortunately, fields with errors got in my way. The app, like most web applications, required forms. Using Ruby on Rails’ (ActiveRecord) model validations, […]

My Journey into Public Speaking (at Tech Conferences)

2017 gave me the opportunity to speak at six different programming events. 😱 In 2015 I wouldn’t believe it. With my anxiety, there would be no way I could talk in front of people. Public Speaking in College In college (around 2011) the idea of public speaking terrified me. No matter what degree program I […]