My Journey into Public Speaking (at Tech Conferences)

2017 gave me the opportunity to speak at six different programming events. 😱 In 2015 I wouldn’t believe it. With my anxiety, there would be no way I could talk in front of people. Public Speaking in College In college (around 2011) the idea of public speaking terrified me. No matter what degree program I […]

Embracing Modern JavaScript (with Ruby on Rails)

When I learned jQuery, I was on top of the world. All the fantastic things like animations and manipulating the DOM were at my fingertips. The late 00’s were a tremendous time of learning frontend development for me. Then, I no longer cared about frontend development. In 2012 I started learning full-stack web development. I was […]

Use Capybara’s #all to Select From Multiple Elements

Whether you’re writing feature specs using MiniTest, RSpec or Cucumber, you’re probably using Capybara to select elements. But, what happens when you’re trying to query a single selector and yet, there are multiples? The Problem Recently this question/example appeared on Reddit. “How can I use Capybara’s within block on a page with multiple instances of […]

Exploring Functional Programming with Ruby

Functional Programming is hot right now. To quote Tim Riley, “FP is hot AF.” But, as a Ruby developer, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a way of life. I tend to reach for classes that represent object properties and messages to solve problems. It makes sense, to me, as everything in Ruby is an object. Functional programming […]

Organizing My First Conference: Southeast Ruby

Three days ago the first Southeast Ruby ended. Though I’ve had the opportunity to attend and speak at many conferences, this was the first I’ve ever organized. It won’t surprise you to find out an enormous amount of work goes into putting on an event like Southeast Ruby. I’d like to use this writing as an […]

Checking for Changed Attributes in Ruby on Rails

You might be asking, why would you need to look for changed attributes? Is that possible in Ruby on Rails? On more than one occasion I’ve had a requirement that reads like the next sentence. We need x to happen, but only when a particular attribute on model y changes.  The requirement means you need to watch model y and […]