FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and Polyglotism

I want to talk about a different “fear of missing out,” or FOMO than my last post. What happens when you do find a new programming language or framework you like?


Let me give an example. Lately, I’ve been envious of PHP for having Laravel. I think it’s a well put-together framework with great, modern features. I guess you could say I have feature envy. I like Laravel a lot. So, now I go back and forth wondering if I should switch to PHP or stick with Ruby.

As dumb as it may sound, this has been a real question I ask myself a lot. Lately, though, I had two realizations that I’d like to share.

Build Something

I’ve built some toy apps in Laravel, but not a “real” application. I won’t be able to scratch the itch, much less make a decision until I’ve used Laravel for something substantial. I keep up with it and know a ton of its features and syntax. Heck, I even got to attend Laracon this year!

In my previous post, I mentioned how using Elixir showed me that I wasn’t ready for it, yet. It fascinates me, but it’s not something I want to put a lot of time in right now. I knew that because I got to be a part of building something with it.

Why choose just one?

One of the things I’ve learned the most this past year is how much different programming communities can learn from one another. People are writing packages for their languages sometimes based line-for-line from packages in other languages. Sharing ideas across communities keeps us relevant and progressive.

I can write Ruby at work and go home to write PHP, Elixir, Java, Go, or… more Ruby! Why limit me?

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