Jason Charnes

Goodbye, Twitter

September 18, 2019 ∙ Jason Charnes

Update: Never mind, I got lonely and I’m back.

Twitter is anxiety-inducing and exhausting for me.

I’m also addicted to it.

I want lots of followers, validation of my identity as a programmer, and to not miss out.

The people in my life (including myself) deserve a fully-present, less Twitter-anxiety-induced Jason. For that reason (and inspired by Josh) I deleted Twitter.

This post isn’t to brag; I just wanted anyone curious to know why I left. Twitter might not affect you as it does me, and that’s wonderful- enjoy it. I’m certainly not here to judge.

This decision certainly won’t solve all my problems. So far, though, my mind is clearer, and I’m happier with the extra time. I’d love to still talk with you! Please don’t hesitate to email me.