Jason Charnes



HopeGrid is a benevolence tracker and a church resource center to streamline mercy ministry efforts. My friend Andrew Perry (confusingly different from the other two Andrews above) and I built HopeGrid after working on similar projects together in the past.


Pay is a Ruby on Rails engine I built with my friend Chris Oliver. It’s designed to help you implement subscriptions into your application with less code. Out of the box it works with Stripe and Braintree. We modeled it after a Laravel package (like everything else we do in life) named Cashier.


Madmin is a Ruby on Rails administration dashboard. It’s designed to make building an admin panel not feel like a chore. My friends Chris Oliver and Andrew Fomera are helping me build Madmin. It’s still a work in progress. If you’d like to stay in the loop, join our email list.

Jumpstart Pro

Jumpstart Pro is a Ruby on Rails SaaS boilerplate I helped start with my friends Chris Oliver (are you seeing a theme yet?) and Andy Leverenz. It’s designed to help you to solve the repetative problems of configuring a new Ruby on Rails SaaS app.


ClientSaid is social proof acquisition software for client-based businesses. I built this project with my co-founder Andrew Holliday, a brand and service-based business expert.