Jason Charnes

Remote Ruby #20: Trivia Questions and Answers

On episode 20 of the Remote Ruby podcast, Chris and I play a game of trivia. These questions are composed of information from Wikipedia and beneggett/ruby-trivia.

I have no doubts that some of this information could be wrong. I was a late bloomer to Ruby. 😎

I hope you enjoy(ed) the episode.

  1. According to Matz, what year was Ruby conceived? 1993
  2. What year did Ruby first appear? 1995
  3. There were two potential names for the language. In the end, Ruby was the name chosen. What was the other proposed name? Coral
  4. What was the first book written in English about Ruby? Programming Ruby
  5. What year did the popular Ruby web framework Ruby on Rails first appear? 2005
  6. On what day is a new version of Ruby typically released each year? December 25
  7. What version of Ruby unified the Fixnum and Bignum classes into the Integer Class? Ruby 2.4
  8. What version of Ruby introduced keyword arguments? Ruby 2.0
  9. What version of Ruby introduced the safe navigation operator? Ruby 2.3
  10. What version of Ruby introduced the ability to use colons for symbol keys alongside the hash syntax? Ruby 1.9
  11. What version introduce method chaining using the yield_self method? Ruby 2.5
  12. What is the estimated release date for Ruby 3.0? Hint: It’s a year. 2020
  13. When you define a method at the top level, what class is that method called on? Object Class
  14. What is the standard Ruby interpreter often referred as? MRI
  15. What Ruby implementation was designed for enterprise environments and optimized for large-scale Ruby on Rails apps? REE
  16. What web framework did Ruby on Rails merge with for the release of Rails 3? Merb
  17. What is the name of the popular graphic novel used to introduce Ruby to developers? Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby
  18. What popular implementation of Ruby runs on the JVM? Jruby
  19. What is the name of the upcoming implementation of Ruby on the GraalVM? TruffleRuby
  20. What year did Matz recently announce as a potential year for him to retire? 2025
  21. Can methods be added to a Struct? yes
  22. Which method is invoked when a method is not found? method_missing
  23. Which method is invoked when a constant is not found? const_missing
  24. What error is raised if a method is passed the wrong number of arguments? ArgumentError
  25. What is the default encoding of MRI? UTF-8
  26. Why must a module name begin with a capital letter? It’s a new constant
  27. Are constants public or private? public
  28. Is initialize public or private by default? private
  29. Does a method return a value if it does not contain an expression? it returns nil (which is a value)
  30. Name one immutable object in Ruby? symbols
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